Christchurch will be transformed into an apocalyptic wasteland from 25 April - 17 May!

“Thrilling… Intense emotional engagement… interactive theatre is thrown into overdrive” - The NZ Herald

A global pandemic known as the ‘Z’ virus has devastated the world, turning everyday people into ravenous hordes of undead. But somewhere amongst the streets and ruined buildings, a hidden world of survival waits to be discovered.

Follow the clues and fight for your life in an adrenaline fuelled mission to stop the spread of the Zombie Virus. This is the end of days.

A thrilling mash up of immersive theatre and live gaming that casts players in their own real life Zombie experience where they complete a series of challenges for a chance to win prizes.

Game Change, in association with Ever Evolving Events and Christchurch City Council, presents…


Charlie McDermott - Producer, David Van Horn - Writer / Actor, Simon London - Writer / Actor, Benjamin Farry - Writer / Actor, Arlo Gibson - Actor, Matt Sunderland - Actor, Michael Hurst - Director

Join Facebook event here 

Friday 25 April at 2pm - Preview
Saturday 26 to Sunday 4 May, 10am and 4pm
Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 May, 10am and 4pm
Saturday 17 May, 10am and 4pm

Register at the Game Control Centre in Cathedral Square
Tickets $10

*PG: Recommended for ages 10 and up. 
Under 13’s must be accompanied by a guardian.

Limited tickets available per game. 
Game duration approx 60mins.

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Silo Theatre presents Angels in America at Q Theatre from NOW until April 13.

J&L team went last night and loved the show! An amazing job for such a massive production - “pure magic, we can’t wait for part two”  

Reviews include: Metro magazine, NZ Herald and Theatreview

Congrats to Angels in America J&L’ers: Mia Blake, Matt Minto, Jarod Rawiri and Gareth Reeves

Also, a special note to Shane Bosher - you have had a huge impact on New Zealand theatre and we are so grateful for your passion of the arts. Thank you! 

For tickets and more information visit here

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(J&L’er Robyn Paterson nominated as Best Newcomer in Sydney’s Short + Sweet Festival)

Congratulations to J&L’er Robyn Paterson! Robyn performed her one-woman-show (written and produced by herself) called ‘The South Afreakins’ in the Sydney Short and Sweet Festival.

Robyn was one of three Best Newcomer nominees out of the entire festival - including 164 plays and hundreds of actors. 

'The South Afreakins' is very much a comedy about Robyn’s parents tackling the struggles of emigration and social changes that effect their everyday rhythm of life. 

Congrats Robyn! 

More about Short + Sweet Festival here

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J&L’er Lisa Chappell in FRED

A one woman show about cannibalism and ice-cream, written and performed by Lisa Chappell. Lisa plays multiple characters in this self-penned black comedy about survival and ‘Just Desserts’.

Date: 8 - 24 April 2014, 8pm, Basement Theatre

“Exceptional and unmissable” - Suzy Go See

“An absorbing hour that is impossible to forget” - Lisa Thatcher

“A highlight of the Fringe Festival” - Sydney Morning Herald

Don’t Miss Out! More information and tickets visit here 


Keeping Up With NZ

New Zealand Herald

Theatre Review

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ROAR! J&L’er Matu Ngaropo shares his personal experiences of his new role in The Lion King musical in Sydney. 

Matu faces new challenges and is enlightened by the ‘fierce’ journey of Disney’s popular musical.

"Disney’s The Lion King is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. It is incredibly hard work that asks a lot of the entire company every day. Not only is it technically difficult but because of the nature of the story it requires every bit of our heart and spirit at the same time,” says Matu.

"It is a privilege to be working with an international ensemble of this quality on such a critically acclaimed show.  It’s a very special experience. I’m deeply grateful for being here and I’m learning heaps. Fingers crossed the show comes to NZ."

We look forward to hearing more from our J&L’er Matu!

To commemorate Matu’s success here is a song to celebrate… 

From top image down:

1) J&L’er Matu Ngaropo with his mum and J&L’er Cian White at The Lion King premiere

2) Matu with Scar make up - understudy role

3) Matu pictured in front of Disney graffiti outside the Sydney theatre

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(ANNIE girls named - featuring J&L’er Zoe Fifield far right)

One of the best loved musicals of all time - ANNIE is hitting NZ shores from Tuesday 23 May n Wellington and Auckland.

A total of 630 Kiwi girls audition for the Annie role and only three were selected, which includes J&L’er Zoe Fifield

We are so happy for Zoe’s new role! She will start rehearsing this week under the direction of UK-based choreographer and associate director Jonny Bowles.

“The girls who auditioned have been absolutely wonderful and so talented,” says Mr Bowles.

“But in particular, our three girls chosen to play Annie have absolutely shone with star quality.”  

We can’t wait to hear more from Zoe and her new journey as ANNIE.

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(BREL cast featuring J&L’ers Jon Toogood, Julia Deans and Jennifer Ward-Lealand, direction: Michael Hurst)


BREL Rock n Roll meets Theatre - incredible performance! 

We agree with Metro Magazine’s comment - “Few shows ever are as good as this.” - METRO MAGAZINE

"Full house, 1100 seats, wonderful songs, fabulous singing, brilliant band—standing ovation. What a One Night Stand! #ThisIsBrel" - Michael Hurst tweeted

"Feeling the love" - Julia Deans tweeted

"What a way to end the Brel season. F****** epic night! Gonna miss this show and the awesome people in it!" - Jon Toogood posted

Thanks for a wonderful evening #ThisIsBrel

Credit: Shaun Jones Photography

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J&L’er Mia Blake on the front cover of the latest metro magazine!

Metro story showcases Silo Theatre’s artistic director Shane Bosher on his epic production of Angels in America - that’s star Mia Blake on the cover.

Begins 21 March until 13 April at Q Theatre, 305 Queen Street, Auckland

More information and tickets here

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